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What is the difference between Subversive fiction and Transgressive fiction.

The only difference that seems suggestive to me is past or present tense of sunverting a society or instution.

Room mate says my work is more subversive than cyberpunk.

Any books in either camp to educate oneself on such books?

Tried looking up sunversive. Couldnt find anything.

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Please check your grammar before you post. And what do you mean by past vs. present tense of subverting a society? The temporal setting doesn't have any bearing on its own on the genre, unless it's utilized in the plot for an intended purpose, to subvert the reader's preconceptions or transgress the reader's sensitivities.

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Better now? Try using a cellphone.

Anyway, so there is no bearing? Thanks.

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They aren't established terms, so they mean whatever they mean to you. Just as they mean whatever they mean to others.


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Doesn't transgressive refer to those southern lawmakers trying to legislate who can use public restrooms? Trans + aggressive?

(yes, I'm kidding)

I'm not big on labels, but transgressive I've heard used as an actual genre of fiction, whereas subversive might be a general adjective to describe it. Also the words have different meanings, in that transgressive is meant to provoke outrage, whereas subversive is flipping the script on expectations. One might be the other, but not necessarily vice-versa.

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What a way to lift the mood.

Believe me I need it today for personal reasons.

Katie mentioned subversive as meaning cyberpunk without some cyberpunk elements.

Modified the pitch: In a world of false promises, an unwilling hero must choose between living a normal school life or becoming a symbol of hope in a world without.

Also somehow I managed to create a character a hybrid of real and unreal, Vella a semi-product of Nadine's imagination when having a love affair with a Tulpa. Makes sense context, none out.

Might take today as a sign to write childrens fiction exclusively.

I'm ready to write other things. I get tired of advice on one book that either holds back hurt feelings so much nothing gets done. Or the opposite and the person spouts off bad science to correct your science errors in a work of fiction.

Just going to focus on writing for myself.