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JeffKane69 from Queens is reading Twelve by Nick McDonell February 16, 2013 - 6:40am

I just read "This Sweet Sickness" by Patricia Highsmith for the third time (but the last time I read it was almost eight years ago) and was blown away by how perfect it was.  Not just the writing but everything.  


I'm just amazed at her ability to put you inside the head of such a deranged character to the point where his insane behavior makes sense to you and almost seems touching.


A lot of authors write about protagonists who might be dark or amoral but there always seems to be some kind of distance between you and them.  Highsmith seems to be the only writer who was able to let you feel their feelings completely.

It's a wonder that she isn't considered the greatest American novelist.  I can't even think of another writer who comes close.  

Has anyone else read this novel?  What are your thoughts on it?