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twicedouble from California is reading Damned - Chuck Palahniuk November 7, 2011 - 12:03pm

I just created an account today and right away I got an email saying I received a new private message. I checked it and was nudged by LitBot to fill out my profile.

After I did that, I recieved another email saying I had another private message. Two emails in as many minutes is a bit spammy for me so I went in search of a way to disable emails for private messages. 

I went to My Dashboard > My Profile > Edit and scrolled all the way down to uncheck the box "Receive email notification for incoming private messages". I click save and scroll down again to make sure it actually saved and discover that, as far as my profile is concerned, it did not. 

When I submit this discussion I imagine I'll be getting an achievement for posting a message so I will soon find out if it actually did save and my profile is playing tricks on me (in which case I'll immediately delete this post if possible) but if it did not, how would I go about disabling that particular feature?

Edit: There appears to be no way to delete posts, but it does seemed to have saved. Nevermind, but thanks for reading this far anyway.