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Scott Gable from Seattle March 10, 2016 - 2:04pm

Clinton J. Boomer returns to the world of the 25th Hour that he created in his novel The Hole Behind Midnight.

Royden Poole's Field Guide to the 25th Hour is a collection of short stories following the diminutive and foulmouthed private investigator Royden Poole as he dives further into the mysteries of this strange place we call reality. This psychedelic urban fantasy is an intricate mix of pop culture and mythology, literature and history. And it's all in a darkly comic and irreverent package.

This is pure, unabashed Clinton J. Boomer at his best. Available for pre-order at Broken Eye Books and Amazon.


Another bad day for Royden Poole...

Join the King of Jangladesh, angry and foulmouthed, as he finds himself in the oddest of bars, the seediest of massage parlors, and the airport. Oh, and he takes a spin through the staggering insanity of the farthest shores of the Sideways.

These short stories pull back the curtain and spill the secrets of the 25th Hour, that strange world of gods and monsters, of wonder and horror. This is a darkly comic tour through the twisted underbelly of the reality you thought you knew.

With a little luck, Royden won't get you killed.

Reviews for The Hole Behind Midnight (where it all began!)

“Fast, profane, full of joy, deeply intelligent, and just a lot of damn fun to read.”—Colin McComb, author of OATHBREAKER

“Reads like the fevered brainchild of Warren Ellis and Kenneth Hite. Smart, dark fun.”—Matt Forbeck, author of AMORTALS and VEGAS KNIGHTS ​​