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Braxed711 August 31, 2016 - 7:47pm

If anyone out there can help me it would be much appreciated!!!!

Back in 2006 ish I read a book... Can't remember the title or of course the author... But I am thinking that it was newer than an older one. 

It was about some sort of black widow woman that led a double ( many more ) life. She was a con artist and had her own time when she "traveled on business" then would go back to her choice man at the time and kill him off for his money and resources. I know the ending happens when the lasted victum's sister kills her but can't really remember any of the rest. 

I am finding that out of the many books I have read in my years.... And it had been a lot, that one has stuck with me for whatever reason and I would love to find it and figure out why. 

Please please if someone, anyone could help me!?!?!?!?!

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helpfulsnowman from Colorado is reading But What If We're Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman September 1, 2016 - 1:35pm

Hmm. I did some searching, but nothing so far. Can I ask some more questions? This is an obnoxious list, but just answer any you can remember. Sometimes it's a little key that helps in searching for a book. And if you don't remember any of this or get any clues, no worries!

+Can you remember whose perspective the book is told from?

+Can you remember anything about what the cover looks like?

+Can you remember anything about where you got it or heard about it (bookstore, library, NPR, airport, etc.)?

+Can you remember any other plot details, even minute ones, such as character occupations or descriptions?

+Can you remember anything about the author (male/female, race, etc.)?

+Can you remember if the book was relatively new when you read it, released around the time you read it?

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bethwenn from Milwaukee is reading The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann September 1, 2016 - 3:40pm

It sounds a little similar to Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe, but that was written quite a long time ago and she doesn't go on any murdering sprees in that. I tried googling it but also to no avail. I agree with helpfulsnowman, if you can come up with any more details at all, it will make it easier to search the book out.

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Eric Romm from I'm from California October 14, 2016 - 2:27am

Hmm. Moll Flanders doesn't die in the book. 
Surprising that you suddenly remembered the book you read in 2006.