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Simply Roseanna from CA is reading Elements of Style January 11, 2015 - 7:16am

So I'm a member of one of those social media things where you have a friend list, or be like me hidden set everything to friends only.... you can't search for me with my email.... ect. The only people I have that are my friends are people I've spoken to in real life.  Only friends and family.  Well my best friend had someone from some other country try to add me.  I denied the request, and he kept sending a request.  He ended up sending me a message.  He just wanted to get to understand the U.S.. he says.  I said I'm sorry but I don't add people who I don't know. (I don't like how everyone is public about everything now a days)



Doesn't it seem like the internet follows the laws of an improve play.  What has been put out there is true.  At least till it's been proven wrong.  but it is considered true still.


I wonder how many people have random thoughts about stupid stuff like me.