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cgguest from UK is reading Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles July 5, 2012 - 11:58pm

First up let me thank you for hitting the post. Or at the very least I should thank you for falling randomly enough to hit a few buttons on your keyboard that led you to this humble post on the net!

I’m currently working on my first set of novels, the first being Owen and The Sky Giants. It’s taken a long time to get to this stage so I’m glad you’re meeting me at this point when things are going to be getting exciting for me, Owen and the whole host of characters that I am bringing to the fore.

Owen has no one, He’s thirteen and very much alone. His Granddad has just died and after a row with his mum his whole house is  alone. The only hope of light in his life is the conversation he had with a stranger who met Owen at the graveside and told him that not all is what it seems and to meet him. He gives Owen a strange etching of his Granddad with the man, but not in this world.

As you can see life hasn’t gone well for our hero. I’d like to tell you school is better for him, but sadly it’s not. He doesn’t fit in at all. Coming from the roughest estate of Tyburn, a failed industrial town, the well to do school just out of the area doesn’t like “His kind”. Owen will soon discover a world far greater than our own, and his role in it far more significant for he will soon be a Guardian! The secret I’ve shared with you though is not ours alone. The Gloom know this little truth too.

It'd be great to get some support for my fledgling book. I am illustrating it too and have now created a website for my work. Please take a look at

I've also got a fanpage set up over on Face Book, which is desperately in need of followers so if you could support that it'd be fantastic! Here's the link

Both sites have daily updates and I am always showing new content from the book as well as my other projects so it won't be a wasted journey.

Once again thanks for reading and hope to speak to more budding writers.



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cgguest from UK is reading Beyond The Spiderwick Chronicles August 3, 2012 - 9:54am

Sorry bit of a newbie mistake posting here, if it could be put in the whorring post by admin then delete this post that would be great. Thanks.