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Matt L. from Texas is reading Tenth of December: Stories June 4, 2013 - 3:41pm

Reginae Carter and Bria Williams, A.K.A. the daughters of Lil Wayne and Birdman, "wrote" a "novel." The 336 page work of fiction is about, you guessed it, the daughters of two famous rappers dealing with the hardships of the good life.

Amazon summary:

Money and designer clothes. Fame and red carpet events. Front row concert tickets and expensive parties.

That's the good stuff . . . but being the daughter of a music mogul or a famous rapper isn't easy. Step inside the lives of Kayla Jones and Promise Walker. As the daughters of two legends of rap music, trips, cash, designer labels and famous friends are just business as usual for Kayla and Promise. But so are the high expectations of super-successful parents, the drama of having two-faced friends, the not-always welcome glare of constant media attention and the hurt of nasty gossip. Add to that the ugly reality that some people would do anything to take their parents down—and Kayla and Promise face a daily struggle to figure out who to trust when everyone is blinded by their dad's power. To make matters worse, sometimes, they're not even sure of each other!

 I feel a little guilty about hating this book on principle alone. But let's look at the opening paragraph.


"Where are they?" I was running like a crazy person between the suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel that my mom and I were sharing and the one that my so-called sister, Promise, and her mom, Bella, were in, wearing nothing but one of those nice plush bathrobes they always have at the nicer places. I had just taken my shower and was waiting for the lady to come in and do my hair. I found my pants and top in the closet where we'd put them, but my shoes - my beautiful fuchsia Christian Louboutins in the exact same shade as the little ties along the side of my perfectly ripped T-shirt - were gone. Gone!

Riveting stuff. Will Kayla find her shoes? Who is this "lady" that comes to do her hair? Will her mom get angry that her 14 year old daughter is running around the hotel in nothing but a bathrobe? These are the mysteries that a great opening paragraph should set up.

Who wants to read Paparazzi Princesses and come back with a full review? More importantly, would any of my fellow unpublished authors like to engage in ceremonial group suicide?

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Dwayne from Cincinnati, Ohio (suburbs) is reading books that rotate to often to keep this updated June 4, 2013 - 6:39pm

Don't hate!

Sorry, I had to say that. But seriously if some folks are having fun with this, and they seem to be, I hope they enjoy it. Not my cup of tea, but at least it can help fiance a publishing company taking a chance on a few serious unpublished authors.

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It will be a bestseller.

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I think it probably is difficult to be the child of a famous person who has to tour constantly. I mean, it's not like this book is meant for adults, is it? So the challenges of dealing with two faced friends who want to get close to you for no other reason than to say they know your father, having parents that can't be around but push expectations on you, etc. I'm sure a lot of kids (even ones who aren't rich) could relate to this and enjoy it.

And I bet Lil Wayne's kids DO have outrageous expectations put on them, I remember reading that he's incredibly well educated, despite his appearance and background. I doubt he's letting his kids slide through school.