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Into The Void M... April 30, 2016 - 1:34pm

Into The Void Magazine is a new non-profit literary magazine based in Ireland. We are calling for submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry for Issue One. We accept all genres and styles. We're looking for writing that grabs and enthrals and refuses to let go. We prize heartfelt and genuine writing above perfect grammar and technique. Above all, we're looking for writing that is screaming to be read. So, write the story, essay or poem that you simply have to write; the one that keeps you awake at night and says, ‘Write me! You know you have no choice!’

Previously unpublished writers stand as good a chance of being accepted for publication as established ones--it's all about the writing.  Some work that doesn’t make it to the magazine will be accepted for publication on our website. We’re also looking for cover art submissions.

Payment: A token cash payment of a minimum €5, but we'll pay as much as we have; a print and digital copy of the magazine; a lifetime digital subscription to the magazine; a $15 voucher, and of course our eternal devotion and loyalty! We aim to drastically increase how much we pay writers every issue, with all our profits going to writers. Submissions Fee: €1.40 (about $1.57).

Head over to our website to see exactly what we’re looking for and how to submit:

The deadline for submissions is 25th June, 2016.

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DrWood from Milwaukee, WI, living in Louisiana is reading A different book every 2-5 days. Currently Infinite Jest May 1, 2016 - 9:44pm

IMO, charging reading fee for a journal that pays a token amount, and is new, so it has no prestige, is out of line.

but good luck.