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dattamante from New Jersey is reading The Shining by Stephen King March 22, 2013 - 9:03pm

Hey guys, new guy here. I looked around but couldn't find an answer. Just curious if you'll get a notification about an 'unhelpful' review or just have to assume after a while the author either abandoned the story or gave you an 'unhelpful' review.


I guess while I'm here I'll also just ask how many points it is to submit a story instead of making a new post. The site makes it seem like it's a flat 15.



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fport from Canada is reading The World Until Yesterday - Jared Diamond March 23, 2013 - 10:30am

You can look it up regularly, not everyone has as much time as you do or keeps to a regular schedule.

You can write the author a private message asking for clarification if you aren't helpful.

Generally an author will write their expectations out if they want to develop a particular aspect of their story.

If there are no directions the author is looking for reactions to their work and you can be assured that any aspect you can highlight and offer advice on will be appreciated as it broadens their view about the story.

Some people provide a line by line <LBL> for everything from spelling to grammar or even smoothing transitions in the story while other people do a broad outline following key story issues, and some people do all the above in loving detail in which case 3 points is a pittance of a reward.

The point system is very simple. There are workarounds for long works to achieve points commensurate with the effort made in the reviews for the word count and there are ways to spend your fifteen points when you write shorter pieces.

As always communication is the key, a side note in private, a comment in the story submission thread and just asking questions like this. I hope this gives you the basics. The system is pretty simple but infinitely adaptable, and the old hands are often available to provide a pointer or start a discussion.

Oh, and those very long sticky threads in the discussions, they're worth reading as well.