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Rudddy from France is reading Your questions November 16, 2016 - 9:39am

Hi guys,

my first post here (discovered the website a while ago from Chuck Palahniuk's facebook page) to ask you if you'd have any tips in order to get my first book released in english language (it has been released in French and has good critics and is requested in english by a lot of people around the world, I'm dealing with its translation from french).

The book is the first biography of the swedish rock band The Hellacopters (I met the band a few times and also got many feedbacks from others artists around the world for it, as well as a cover done by Dirty Donny from San Francisco...)

I'd need to know either of an editor or the best way to have it released as independant release.

Thanks already!

And sorry if this is out of LitReactor's scope...