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Hey, I wanted to see if we could compile a list of links to electronic texts and non-traditional interactive literature. I'm not talking about ebooks or anything like that. I mean literature written specifically for the medium of websites, texts embedded with coding and links, videos, sounds, all that good stuff.


A good (albeit, dated) example are works by Shelley Jackson. 

My Body, a Wunderkammer You follow a series of hyperlinks to learn stories about all these different parts of her body. You get to know her so intimately, it's hard to believe you haven't met her in "real life" after reading this.

Skin - Another one by Shelley Jackson. Basically, she wrote a story, then published an online call for participants to tattoo one word from her story each. Now there are 2095 people running around with part of her story printed on their bodies. She even has a catalogue system if one of them passes away. 

I made this. You play this. We are enemies. - Freaky Flash games embedded with social commentary by Jason Nelson.

Young-Hae Chang Industries - Videos of poetry/ jazz that are really trippy and amusing. 

If you know of any other multimedia works like this, pass em on!