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walterstc from Atlanta is reading The Long Valley by Steinbeck October 6, 2017 - 10:36am

To whoever is interested.

  My name is Taylor Walters and I am an unpublished short story writer focusing on literary fiction. Literary is the big-ass umbrella, but I'm also interested in sci-fi, k-mart realism, magic realism, myth, suspense. My goal is to capture these genres in a literary fashion.

Anyways, I am interested in starting a critique group through Lit Reactor. I have been practicing the short story craft for around three years now and am looking for similar writers. I do not care about your C.V. as much as your dedication to giving/receiving honest, thoughtful critiques and putting in the hours to make yourself better. That's why I'm here. 

I would love to have a group of maybe 6 to 10 dedicated short story writers in the literary genre. I don't care if you write a fantasy/ steam-punk story as long as the genre itself is used in a literary way that serves to enhance the story instead of merely frame it. 

Rules are subject to change, but I picture each of us finishing a rough but critique-able short story every two weeks. Then we will switch with another writer in the group for a full on critique.  Other critiques are welcome, but when I critique a story I dedicate a solid 4 to 5 hours and two reads minimum. I expect no less of the other group members. And that is why I suggest one cross-critique ever two weeks because I want to write more than critique. 

To me, this group will be a rag-tag bunch of serious literary writers who can laugh at the occasional dick joke. I want to have fun, but I am also dead-set on getting published and if you aren't serious then don't respond. Email me at if you are interested. Or message me on here. (I'm not exactly sure how this site works, which is why I gave my Gmail.) 


 - Taylor