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So I'm working a world with magic for my WIP. The basic idea is that magic is a result of knowing how to harness extreme human emotions. The first set of people was interesting but didn't grab me besides the names. I'm thinking Greek names, so pentheomancer for a mage who deals with mourning, and the opposite celebrations. So, being pregnant gets a lot of strong emotion, abortion gets a lot of stronger emotion, and I'm thinking that these guys are almost by definition bad guys. If you are pro-life you'll hate them because they preform lots of abortions. If you are prochoice you'll hate them because they are trying to manipulate the people who come see them into the choice that will get the most emotion. Plus creepy.

Not sure what to name them. Maybe brephosmancer? 

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Liam Meilleur from New Orleans is reading The Fall of Kings by Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman May 25, 2018 - 7:47pm

If they're so universally reviled, you might want to consider giving them a name that deviates from the usual conventions, as other practitioners would want to distance themselves from any association, and people love a good collective pejorative for groups they fear/despise.

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I started googling some greek words to see if I found anything. I was looking at stuff like

Weeder = skalistí̱ri

Harvester = theristikí michaní

I toured a slaughterhouse recently, and they call the killing part "harvesting." They said they "harvest" X number of animals a day. I wonder if someone in this position might see what they're doing in a similar way. Just an idea that might provide you some other root words. 

Strabo was a philosopher who didn't think babies all needed to be raised to adulthood. Strabos is a possibility. 

ékthesi is the Greek word for "exposure," which was seen in ancient Greece as an acceptable way to deal with a baby born with a disability (the thinking being it wasn't really murder because fate or a god could choose to rescue the child). 

Also, babies were sometimes exposed by being left on dung heaps or in the garbage dump. So some kind of Greek word for one of those things might make for a good slur that others would use against these folks. 


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Mine was Greek for dismember