Welcome the Characters Who Show Up Too Early and Stay Too Late

Sometimes the most pivotal characters need to be conjured and coddled into the story, under the shadow of misstarts and dead-end plotlines.

Exploring The Inherent Queer Undertones Of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"

Column by Christopher Shultz
Numerous adaptations ignore it, but Shelley's seminal novel has a whole lot of gayness going on.

Celebrating Dashiell Hammett: The 'Thin Man' Himself

Column by Leah Dearborn
The author known for penning "The Maltese Falcon" didn’t just write about adventure, he also lived it; serving in both World Wars and as a Pinkerton man. May 27 would mark his 126th birthday.

A Cheat Sheet to This Year's Nebula Awards Nominees

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Another drumroll, please — the Nebula Awards are almost upon us! Here's a breakdown of all the categories in a quick and easy cheat sheet.

Skipp's Self-Isolating ABC’S of the COVID-19 (Stage One)

Column by John Skipp
May 25, 2020 (2) comments
Enjoy these COVID stories from Skipp, all bundled together using the ABC model. May they inspire you to construct your own.

Can Townies Write?

Column by Peter Derk
Yessir. I believe they can. But should they?

Conflict Without Violence: How to Add More Depth To Your Fiction

Column by Autumn Christian
Violence is fun. But finding other ways to resolve conflict can improve your writing, and turn an average story into one with depth and intrigue.

Storyville: Turning Your Obsessions Into Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Some tips for turning your obsessions—good and bad—into powerful stories.

The Gabino Iglesias Online MFA: Third Semester

Column by Gabino Iglesias
May 19, 2020 (2) comments
Survived your first year? Welcome to the second year of the world's most honest, useful, and entertaining MFA!

Patrick Dennis’s Birthday Banquet

Once you meet his characters you'll never forget them, especially Auntie Mame.