Shedding Hyperbole in the Post-Trump Era

Column by Gabriel Hart
February 5, 2021 (2) comments
Writers no longer need to present themselves as vomit-draft, works in progress!

Finding Solace in Horror Fiction

Column by Andrew Fowlow
February 4, 2021 (3) comments
Here's what other voracious readers, like myself, had to say about why they seek solace in horror fiction.

What Good Are Sex Scenes in Fiction?

Column by Peter Derk
February 3, 2021 (2) comments
How are books boring me with...SEX!?

24 Hour Writing Challenge: Livestreaming a Full Day of Writing on Twitch

Column by Jay Wilburn
February 2, 2021 (2) comments
Jay Wilburn livestreamed all the short stories he could write in 24 hours on Twitch. This was not the first time he tried something like this. See what you might learn from his success and folly.

5 Hauntingly Brilliant Women You Need to Read

Five authors to read for Women in Horror Month (WiHM).

Displeasing, Offensive, and Bad: Three Tiers of Crappy Books

Column by Peter Derk
Displeasing, Offensive, and Bad. Figure out which bucket the sucky book belongs in and you’ll be closer to Reading God status.

10 Things I Learned Editing an Anthology in Three Weeks

Column by Gabino Iglesias
I had an idea. About a month later, it was a book packed with stories by some amazing writers. Here are the things I learned while making it happen.

Foreign Terror-tories: 8 Translated Tales to Terrify

Column by Sadie Hartmann
January 26, 2021 (1) comments
If you're a horror movie buff, chances are you watch a lot of foreign horror films. But do you read translated horror books? Here are my recommendations to get you started!

The Best of the DC Animated Universe

Column by BH Shepherd
A look at 12 of DC Comics' best animated features.

The Realities of Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Column by Max Booth III
January 22, 2021 (1) comments
Max recently quit his job to write full-time, then he tricked LitReactor into paying him to write about it. [Wait... What?!? —Editor]