8 Machiavellian Books to Make Niccolo Proud

Column by Jena Brown
May 3, 2022 (1) comments
On the anniversary of his birth, we’ve gathered eight books that capture the essence of Machiavelli in nuanced, layered, and complex ways.

The S-Word: Never Tell Someone They "Should" Read A Book

Column by Peter Derk
May 2, 2022 (1) comments
You're using the wrong words to recommend books, and it's costing you readers.

When Writer's Block is Connected to Depression

Column by Jay Wilburn
April 27, 2022 (1) comments
Writer's Block can be a scary thing, especially when it stems from depression. There are things you can do to address it, though.

Ice Planet Barbarians: F***fest or Snoozefest?

Column by Peter Derk
"Ice Planet Barbarians" might have captured the heart and other organs of our cynical reader.

The Value of Stories Without Romance

Column by Karis Rogerson
April 20, 2022 (1) comments
Just like life, a story doesn't require romance to be fulfilling.

Storyville: Leaving Room for the Reader

Column by Richard Thomas
April 19, 2022 (1) comments
It's important to leave room for the reader. Here are some ways you can do that.

Doses of Darkness: Bram Stoker Nominated Horror Poetry

Column by Sara Tantlinger
April is National Poetry Month! Join me in celebrating these 2021 Stoker-nominated works of horror poetry.

5 Lessons from Ramona Quimby, on the Anniversary of Beverly Cleary’s Birth

Column by Kleopatra Olympiou
April 12, 2022 (1) comments
I like to imagine grown-up Ramona not as an internet Karen, but as an excited, curious, and creative adult — the Ramona version of ourselves we could all try a little harder to be.

Does Anyone Really Know What Makes a Story Good?

Column by Jay Wilburn
April 12, 2022 (1) comments
While there are some writing conventions that are generally agreed upon, the subtle things that make a story good may be more intangible than we like to think.

Is Bizarro Dead?

Column by Peter Derk
Has the beloved genre that reveled in the weird, the strange, the big, dark rooms of life breathed its last?