Three Things Nobody Told Me About Having a Children’s Book Published

Column by Patrick Wensink
Patrick Wensink finally wrote a book you can read with your kids. Barely.

This Can't Be: Realism and Genre vs. Reality

Column by Brian Allen Carr
How current trends in realism and genre have failed to prepare us for our disheartening reality.

Storyville: Eight New, Mashed Up Sub-Genres

Column by Richard Thomas
Some new hybrid narratives to breathe life into your writing.

Woodshedding for Writers

Column by Peter Derk
What is woodshedding and how does it work?

Ways Writers (and Readers) Can Cash in on Back to School

Column by Annie Neugebauer
How can writers (and readers) cash in on the Back to School rush even if they're not students? Sales, deals, and more!

The Insane True Story of How Doctor Wesley Snipes Wrote His First Novel

Column by Max Booth III
August 18, 2017 (2) comments
It's an urban fantasy supernatural spiritual thriller.

How a Close Reading of 'Catch-22' Recreates the College Classroom

Column by Bart Bishop
August 17, 2017 (2) comments
A look how at the Twayne's Masterwork Studies Book Series, specifically an entry on "Catch-22", simulates the college classroom experience.

Avoiding Stereotypes When Writing Place (Even If That Place Is Home)

Column by Justin Hunter
August 16, 2017 (1) comments
Knowing your setting doesn't mean you'll avoid stereotyping it.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the Shitty First Draft

Column by Christoph Paul
August 15, 2017 (8) comments
Sometimes it will be good, sometimes it will be bad, and sometimes it will be down right ugly, but writing a shitty first draft will give you a finished book.

Should Stephen King's 'Rage' Return to Print?

Column by Peter Derk
August 14, 2017 (3) comments
Stephen King pulled his school shooting novel, 'Rage,' from print decades ago. Is it time for the book to come back?