Fun, Spooky Small Businesses to Support

Column by Sara Tantlinger
With October right around the corner, many of us are looking to buy some horror-related décor or apparel. Here are some small businesses to support as you stock up for the fall!

Beowulf Is The Greatest Classic Book, And I Will Not Be Taking Any Questions At This Time

Column by Peter Derk
Let's run a slaughter-pole through this debate once and for all.

Storyville: Tropes As a Jumping-Off Point

Column by Richard Thomas
How to use tropes as a jumping-off point for your storytelling.

Robert Kirkman's Non-Walking-Dead Comics

Column by Peter Derk
If Robert Kirkman wasn't known as the King of The Walking Dead, he'd be known as the King of Comics.

To Carrie White, Signed with Pig's Blood

In honor of Stephen King's birthday, here is a letter to one of my favorite characters of his, Carrie White.

Happy Birthday To Agatha Christie, Inventor Of The Slasher

Column by Christopher Shultz
She's known as the Queen of Mystery, but Agatha Christie unwittingly paved the way for 'Friday the 13th' and all its imitators.

Why Progressive Kid's Books Suck

Column by Peter Derk
Okay, this is a little rough, but get through the first section and we'll all be fine.

Celebrating The Ampersand On National Ampersand Day

Column by Christopher Shultz
September 8th is National Ampersand Day, so let's look at the history of this versatile symbol.

7 Trippy Horror Novels That Will Mess You Up

Column by Tim Meyer
Looking to trip-out on some mind-altering books? Let "Rainbow Filth" author Tim Meyer be your guide.