The Strange Case of Hazel Drew

Column by Leza Cantoral
Few are familiar with the mysterious murder that would go on to inspire the television show, "Twin Peaks."

The Most Interesting Cover Trends That Emerged in 2019 — And What We Can Expect in 2020

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
Let's take a walk down memory lane — here is an investigation of the most interesting, prevalent cover designs of 2019, as well as a forecast of the coming year.

Storyville: Using a Chorus in Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips and tricks for using a chorus in your fiction.

Stay Positive, and Write

Column by Cina Pelayo
March 13, 2020 (4) comments
As writers, we assume that writing is an enjoyable task. Here are some tips on how to stay happy and be creative.

20 Mind Destroying Secrets about Ghostwriting

Column by Jay Wilburn
If ghostwriting is something you are considering or you are just morbidly curious, there are some realities about this world you will want to know.

Spring Cleaning For Writers

Column by Peter Derk
Dust off that old short story, organize your scraps of poems, and throw away that manuscript that's been sitting in the attic.

How to Get Paid as a Freelancer

Column by Gabino Iglesias
March 10, 2020 (1) comments
You did the work. Now it's time to get paid. Here's how you make sure that happens.

Can One-Star Reviews Still Convince Readers to Buy Books?

Column by Sadie Hartmann
March 9, 2020 (3) comments
It's easy to assume that five-star, glowing reviews are able to convince readers to buy a book, but what about those ranty, complaining reviews from Negative Nancy? Do those sell books too?

12 Tools Every Self-Published Author Should Have in Their Toolkit

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
To help all those aspiring indie authors out there, here’s a list of some of the best tools for navigating the world of publishing.

Celebrate Women In Horror All Year Long With Season-Specific Reading

Column by Christopher Shultz
Women In Horror month might be over and done with, but that shouldn't stop you from consuming terrifying works by ladies year round.