Why Even Ayn Rand Can Teach You Something About Writing

Column by Phil Jourdan
December 28, 2011 (19) comments
We trudge through the fiction-writing lectures of the infamous author of 'Atlas Shrugged' to see if there's anything helpful there. It turns out, there is. You just have to disagree with it.

Top 10 Things We'd Like to See in the 'American Psycho' Remake

Column by Brandon Tietz
December 28, 2011 (24) comments
We're still of a mind that an 'American Psycho' remake is a terrible idea, but if you must do it, here's some things we'd like to see.

Merits of Other Mediums: Going Beyond Books to Improve Your Craft

Column by Brandon Tietz
December 27, 2011 (5) comments
Many authors will tell you that reading and writing is the key to improving your work and getting published. In this column we examine the merits of three mediums OTHER than books.

Five Free-to-Air Apps and Services to Make Your Writing Life Easier

Column by Paul Graham Raven
December 27, 2011 (8) comments
Ignore your empty bank account and expand your writer's techno-toolset with these five free apps, services and softwares.

The Dark Side Of The Publishing Industry: How To Avoid Scams

Column by Rob Hart
December 22, 2011 (24) comments
In every industry there are scam artists--even publishing. Vanity presses, fake literary agents and fraudulent contests all prey on your desire to be published. Here's how to stay safe.

Book Brawl: Tina Fey’s 'Bossypants' Vs. Mindy Kaling’s 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)'

Column by Meredith Borders
December 22, 2011 (8) comments
Every month, I throw two books into the readers’ ring to fight it out for the honor of literary champion. This month we’ve got memoirs from two hilarious NBC leading ladies. Who will win?

The Art of the Live Reading

Column by Brandon Tietz
December 21, 2011 (9) comments
Why is live reading important and how do you do it? LitReactor tackles the subject.

Putting An End To Plot Conveniences

Column by Jon Gingerich
December 21, 2011 (4) comments
Writers are often faced with the predicament of writing themselves into a plot corner. We know where our stories are supposed to go, but the plot becomes an impasse to resolution instead of a gateway.

That’s So Meta: Writing A Story About Writing A Story

Column by Taylor Houston
December 20, 2011 (24) comments
When narrators escape--a discussion of metafiction.

The Wild West World of eBook Only Erotica (NSFW)

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
December 19, 2011 (25) comments
Is the eReader the new Internet when it comes to get-rich-quick porn?