Storyville: What is Head-Hopping and Why Should You Avoid It?

Column by Richard Thomas
April 29, 2019 (3) comments
Tips for avoiding head-hopping in your fiction.

Writing on the Spectrum

April 26, 2019 (2) comments
One writer explains how their condition informs their work, both the positive and the negative.

The 10 Worst Things About Shakespeare

Column by Peter Derk
April 23, 2019 (3) comments
Between his time travel shenanigans and lack of appeal, it's hard to say why we all love this dude.

Writing Horror Using All Five Senses

Column by Repo Kempt
How to effectively use sensory details to connect with readers and maximize the fear in your writing.

The Folkloric And Literary Roots Of La Llorona

Column by Christopher Shultz
The fabled bogey-woman stars in a new Conjuring Universe film, but perhaps we shouldn't fear her at all.

The Feminist Fairy Tale of Captain Marvel

Column by BH Shepherd
"Captain Marvel" is not just a woman superhero movie, but a superhero movie about being a woman.

Library Love: April Showers Bring...Wet Books?!?

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
April 17, 2019 (1) comments
That wonderful spring rain somehow made it through your roof and onto your book collection. Don't freak out - take action! Here are some pointers on how to save your babies.

30 of Webster's Worst Words

Column by Peter Derk
Neologisms regarding the embiggenment of bougie wanderworts and artisanal hophead concerns.

10 Writers Killing It On Twitter in 2019

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Twitter is a crucial part of a writer's platform. Here are some folks doing it right.

Required Reading: Hellboy And The Mignolaverse

Column by Peter Derk
April 11, 2019 (2) comments
It starts with Hellboy, but it ends with a ghost man in a bubble suit, a plague of frogs, and a Screw-On Head.