Write Your Way Out of a Rut with Arya Samuelson

Wake up your creativity in just fifteen minutes a day.

Your Instructor: Arya Samuelson, author and editor

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

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Enrollment: 20

Price: $250

Class Description

As a writer, simply showing up can be the hardest work of all. But what if I told you that 21 days of writing could transport you to new worlds of story possibilities? All you’ll need is 15 minutes a day.

Every three days, you’ll receive a new “portal” – a launching-off point for you to explore in your daily writing. These portals will range from the somatic (body-centered), to the imaginary, to unexpected angles on a life story, and will build on each other. You’ll write in response to each portal for three days, leaning into repetition to push past the surfaces of ideas and uncover new modes of storytelling, continually pausing to reflect on what you’ve discovered from this process. You’ll emerge with an abundance of fresh material and the seeds for a new writing project.

This class is for writers who are feeling stuck, searching for their next source of inspiration, or learning how to face their fear of the blank page – even all of the above! You will post your daily writing on the discussion board, and at the conclusion of each portal, you’ll receive feedback from your teacher, Arya, about moments of greatest heat and energy, as well as opportunities for expansion.

Throughout, we will approach writing as ritual, holding our daily practice as a sacred space for play, deep listening, and transformation. As we generate material together, you’ll learn to tap into the abundant wisdom of your intuition and build a relationship to your writing practice that is curious, consistent, and compassionate.

Each portal will be accompanied by discussion opportunities and a brief writing assignment of 100-500 words, which will receive comments from Arya

WRITE YOUR WAY OUT OF A RUT is taught by Arya Samuelson, winner of the CutBank’s 2019 Montana Prize in Non-Fiction, awarded by Cheryl Strayed. Her work has also been published in New Delta Review, Entropy, The Millions, and Hematopoiesis Press. She is a proud graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing Program from Mills College and has been studying at Lidia Yuknavitch’s school of Corporeal Writing since 2017. Arya has been teaching online writing classes throughout the global pandemic and has been honored to witness the transformations writing has catalyzed for her students.

What This Class Covers


Beginning something new can be scary, so we’ll start by writing seven sentences. It’s enough to change how you think about your whole life – trust me.


We’ll explode our memories, amplifying the sensory details, lingering in the present tense, and exploring the memory from multiple perspectives.


The body is made of stories. We’ll drop into a brief meditation, observe our interior landscapes, and unearth the stories longing to be told.


The things we treasure can reveal so much about our desires, our relationships, and what makes us feel safe. We’ll explore our favorite objects and the stories living inside them.


We’ll leave behind the material realm and allow our imaginations to take the wheel as we rewrite myths and invent new worlds.


We’ll explore the deeper questions emerging from your writings so far and use them to generate even more material! 


Embedded inside everything you’ve been writing are a multitude of portals, utterly unique to you. In these final days, we’ll help each other identify the most important themes, images, and patterns coming through each participants' work, and to walk through the universes they open up

Goals Of This Class

• Generate an abundance of new material and emerge with several ideas that you’re excited to keep working on
• Explore the depths of your intuition and the storytelling possibilities that await
• Build a stronger writing habit and learn seven portals that you can repeat as many times as you want, each time with different results!
• Overcome fear of the blank page and alleviate self-censorship
• Receive ample feedback and process-based suggestions from a highly perceptive teacher and editor

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