Ecstatic States: Sex, Death and Memoir with Lidia Yuknavitch

Go beyond the clichés of sex and death to create powerful, original creative non-fiction from the inventive core of human experience in this five-week master class.

Your Instructor: Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Small Backs of Children

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

When: This class is not currently enrolling. To be notified when it is offered again, Click Here

Enrollment: Limited to 15 Students

Price: $450

Class Description

"Hold a basketball under water, take your hand away, and it’ll surface with the powerhouse force of the suppressed. Welcome to Lidia Yuknavitch’s world." —MONICA DRAKE, author of Clown Girl

Lidia Yuknavitch has earned a lot of (well-deserved) praise for her writing. She's been called a lot of things. To us, she's a superb teacher, someone who will strip you down to the studs and reveal the beating heart of your writing. 

This is five-week master class in creative non-fiction centers on sex, death, and transcendent or extreme states, in relation to language-based invention.

What you get is the distillation of the instructor's personal journey in wrestling with profound loss and other extremes of human experience through the vehicle of language. On the one-hand, a Ph.D. with an academic teaching career, and on the other, a popular author who believes in recovering our primal relationship with language and meaning.

Lidia will lead you on a path of discovery to transform your writing forever in the direction of personal authenticity.

What This Class Covers

What you'll get from this class includes:

  • Exclusive and powerful lecture content
  • Instructor and peer critique within a supportive environment
  • Writing assignments designed to uncover new depths and build new skills
  • Insightful commentary honoring the primal connection between language and experience
  • Coaching toward the completion of one non-fiction book chapter or short story
  • Focused writing prompts for longer works

* This class is aimed at intermediate to advanced students.

Goals Of This Class

  • One completed chapter or non-fiction story.
  • Three short exercises generative of material for future use.
  • Feedback from peers and instructor.
  • A blown mind and revived sense of how to write at the core of sexuality and life/death beyond clichés.
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