A Novella Approach with Brian Allen Carr

Produce a portion of a publishable novella, create an outline to be followed for the remainder of the text, and learn how to publish and market the final product.

Your Instructor: Brian Allen Carr, author of "Sip" and "Motherfucking Sharks"

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

When: November 13, 2018 - December 4, 2018

Enrollment: 16

Price: $250

Class Description

Novellas are more popular than ever, and have become a great entry point for emerging authors.

They allow writers to create stand-alone pieces while removing the stress of producing a massive tome. There are also fewer rules to adhere to, so you can write a plot-driven bullet or an esoteric piece of art. For readers, they can be a cost effective way to scope out new talent. Some of literature's most enduring works are novellas, including The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka.

In this three week course, Brian Allen Carr guides you through the process of planning, executing, and positioning your novella in today's ever-expanding marketplace. He will help you construct an outline and perfect a pitch, then start you down the path towards completing a saleable work.

Brian Allen Carr is an award-winning author who has mastered the novella and utilized the form to great effect. His short books, Motherfucking Sharks and The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World greatly expanded his readership and paved the way for his debut novel, Sip. They contributed to both the honing of his craft as well as his visibility in the marketplace, which ultimately led to a larger sale. Despite his bizarre ideas, which may not have flown if he had attempted to cram them into a novel right out of the gate, he paid his dues, showcased his skills, and now he has the freedom to let his freak flag fly.

Have an idea too long for a story but too short for a novel? Or maybe you have some bold, experimental ideas that would be more palatable as a novella? Either way, this class will help you get the words on the page and get them out there.

What This Class Covers

Week One: What the Novella Can Do and What the Novella Has Done

Lecture: A general history of the novella and an attempt to define what a novella is--it's an old form but people still fight over this.

Assignment: Students will write an elevator pitch and outline to be used in the production of a novella.

Week Two: Chaptering and Execution

Lecture: This week's lesson will deal with techniques used to break up the novella into more manageable chunks so students can begin to execute.

Assignment: Students will draft an approximately 2,000 word portion of a novella.

Week Three: Critique and Reasoning: A Manifesto

Lecture: A discussion of the novella marketplace in general, focusing on novellas that are successful now and why.

Assignment: Students will compose an argument and pitch for how to position their novella in the marketplace.

Goals Of This Class

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of the novella as a form
  • Complete a pitch and working outline for your own novella
  • Complete and refine a section of your novella based on instructor and peer criticism
  • Work up a plan to position your novella in the marketplace
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