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In : Flash Fiction, Horror 9 reviews
On a trip back home from night fishing, An old man and his grandson come across a deer, dead but standing,in the middle of the road.
In : Novel Excerpt, Transgressive 2 reviews
Introducing a new character to my second novel
Austrian Spencer
In : Horror, Short Story 2 reviews
A young man applies for the position of Coffinmaker's apprentice - and in doing so learns the primary qualification of the job - the ability to hear the dead.
In : Noir, Short Story 3 reviews
Two detectives chase a killer who might be a rogue spy.
A man who never wanted to run a crematorium, but now does, takes drastic measures when his equipment malfunctions.
Two bandmates get into a pornosophical kerfuffle at a bagel shop during a post-show breakfast while on tour. Warning: intermixed sex and violence.
Johnny Bland remembers something awful from his past, and wrestles with the mundane existence of a alcoholic gas station attendant. A story about trauma and the awkward time after leaving the nest.
In : Flash Fiction, Realism 1 reviews
Flash fiction about a group of campers rebelling against a tyrannical counselor.
Two estranged friends reconnect in the midst of family drama which changed their lives. But their desire to investigate something spooky they saw together as kids leads them to a shocking discovery.
In : Horror, Short Story 1 reviews
WWhen DOuglas Jones misses his train, he meets a stranger that knows a dark secret.
In the first chapter of my story, we meet a boy named Orren, who longs to befriend the aliens called the Reptuuls, who humanity is at war with. Though it may be difficult, since he is their slave.
James Heald
In : Absurdist, Short Story 4 reviews
A semi-famous influencer deletes her online content and the internet freaks out.