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N.L. Vaught
In : Psychological, Short Story 8 reviews
Funeral-goer, Rory, reflects on his own experience with loss and fantasizes about his own funeral. 1905 words.
In : Flash Fiction, Transgressive 8 reviews
2 men coming to terms with what they did and the look that your face portrays when the reality sets in.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A story about a guy terrified of flying and the people he meets at the airport bar. About 2900 words.
In : Literary, Short Story 6 reviews
Friends can come from anywhere, even from Atlantic City.
In : Horror, Short Story 11 reviews
A young woman on an isolated farm learns that her family can't run from the terrible things affecting the world at large.
Dave Hanson
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
Blowjobs, booze orgies, whips, and heartbreak.
Michael Wais Jr
In : Noir, Short Story 7 reviews
A yuppie starts his postgraduate job and a Russian mobster has a new "boss" take him on for his work.
Dan Shewan
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 5 reviews
A foreigner exercises his Second Amendment rights for the first time, despite having some serious reservations about firearms.
Flaminia Ferina
In : Psychological, Short Story 14 reviews
A young immigrant girl digs for meaning at her friend's mental disorder. Her detachment is soon to be deluded. 3100 words
In : Flash Fiction, Psychological 24 reviews
No further critiques needed. Thank you all.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 8 reviews
Set in an alternate universe than our own, a man is thrown into a great conflict where he must save his family, friends, and multiple dimensions.
David Shepherd
In : Psychological, Short Story 9 reviews
A look at the effect of one man's feeling of domination by both sex and women in his life.
In : Psychological, Short Story 7 reviews
A Peace Corps volunteer medevacked to Arlington descends into madness. Or maybe not.
Michael Combs
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 2 reviews
A former Firebat awakens to find himself inside a cell of a wrecked prison ship. Something has torn the ship, and most of the crew, to shreds. Completely unarmed, Brock finds himself in a hard place.
In : Psychological, Short Story 11 reviews
A Christmas family get together brings out the sociopath in everyone.
In : Psychological, Short Story 11 reviews
A daughter tries to reconnect with her father, and he doesn't want her to visit him. There are secrets in his house.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
I got such good input on this story, I put my shoulder to the wheel and gave it a pretty serious overhaul.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
A man struggles with a recent tragedy in the cold Chicago winter.
Dave Hanson
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Spreadsheets, whipping, heartbreak. Now with more heartbreak and whipping.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
A ex-soldier attends the wake of a fallen comrade.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 15 reviews
Psychosis submission. 1,343 words. The jumping frenchman disorder.
tim lara
In : Noir, Short Story 7 reviews
A childhood story of a not typical child told under a strange circumstance
In : Psychological, Short Story 22 reviews
A barren woman is taking care of her nephew while his parents are on vacation. The thrill of parenting begins to overwhelm her, and she takes things a bit too far.
In : Poem, Surprise Me 8 reviews
How I feel, the way the light bursts through the clouds in the sky.
In : Psychological, Short Story 9 reviews
A veteran tries unsuccessfully to cope with aging and regression toward his own violent nature.