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In : Psychological, Short Story 3 reviews
A young man begins a descent towards madness as a result of his unpleasant flatmate.
Daniel Packer
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
A meta-fiction piece. Written as part of a course.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Psychological, Short Story 7 reviews
Conversation at a Hanging, Second Revision. 3,663 words. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the first two drafts, for real, it was invaluable.
In : Psychological, Short Story 9 reviews
This story is finished. No need for further critiques. A man with very little memory seeks warmth, but has a flash of the traumatic incident that started it all. 3,100 words.
Chester Pane
In : Mystery, Short Story 7 reviews
A girl disappears from a high school and a boy is afraid to come forward.
Dave Reuss
In : Short Story, Transgressive 8 reviews
1,100 words - still a shortie.
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 3 reviews
First 4 chapters of my novel Angels & Guns. 3,817 Words
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Second draft of Hot-Spooned.
Hetch Litman
In : Literary, Short Story 12 reviews
750 word short story. Prompt; Young love
In : Literary, Short Story 9 reviews
A parallel of past and present.
Flaminia Ferina
In : Psychological, Short Story 6 reviews
A young immigrant girl tells about her friend's mental disorder, but her detachment is soon to be deluded. 2800 words.
In : Literary, Short Story 10 reviews
8 year-old Gil Carter tries to hide a gym bag of transgression but in the end he is found out.
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 4 reviews
Strange call at radio station (revised).
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 4 reviews
A school bus driver reflects on a fateful ride many years ago.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Psychological, Short Story 10 reviews
Shiny new name. Exclusive engagement, no outsiders (outsiders welcome). 3,947 words
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 5 reviews
This is the story of attending the Michigan State Fair with my father in the mid 1980s, and how he made the day unpleasant. There is some black comedy in it, don't feel bad if you laugh.
Chester Pane
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 9 reviews
Prompt: A man repeatedly calls a radio station.
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A film festival audience is given a glimpse into the ups and downs of a woman named Lillian.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
From the 1940s until the end of the 1970s, Nashville was the main source for some of the most literate and enduring songs in American culture. The setting for a lot of the writers was Tootsies.
In : Absurdist, Flash Fiction 9 reviews
A very short, silly piece in which a man dies from anger.
Dave Chadwick
In : Fantasy, Flash Fiction 7 reviews
An outline for a possible new Oz story.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 6 reviews
This is a story about a young man that leaves his small-town home and small-town girls, entering the big city full of big-city girls and big-city life. (That's all I can give to avoid spoiling)
In : Novel Excerpt, Surprise Me 28 reviews
Chapter from my novella in progress titled Snow Birds. I renamed this chapter for anthology purposes.
Dan Shewan
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 8 reviews
An exploration of the feelings associated with my decision to start drinking again after almost 18 months of sobriety.
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
This is the story of the everyday and how one seemingly innocuous moment can dramatically affect another.