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N.L. Vaught
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 6 reviews
Expatriate Connor returns to find his fellow exile, Marcia, unconscious and possibly dead. Hunger and delirium begin to take their toll. 1847 words.
In : Biographical, Essay 8 reviews
Feeling Christmasy? This brief piece was my attempt to capture the feel of my childhood Christmases in small town Ohio.
simon morris
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 16 reviews
A prescient 14-year-old girl is confined to a children's institution for a brutal crime she claims not to have committed. Her only hope is a famous psychologist who she read about in the newspaper.
Flaminia Ferina
In : Bizarro, Short Story 13 reviews
Two years ago I locked myself out in the cold and ended up in the loony house. A Halloween Special. 1400 words.
Typewriter Demigod
In : Adventure, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
The relationships and romances of four girls in a high school in Devon
In : Novel Excerpt, Suspense 7 reviews
After taking all of your incredible feedback into consideration, here is the rewrite of Starling: Open Wounds that I posted a few days ago.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 9 reviews
A Vampire Story set in the Antebellum South.
In : Psychological, Short Story 11 reviews
Story finished. No further critiques necessary. Thank you all for your help.
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 6 reviews
Young male talks about life and the sleepy side of it.1065 words.
In : Realism, Short Story 21 reviews
A story about Myra and Sam - they're neighbours - they don't know each other but both of them are miserable and one of them is in danger. 838 words
Keith Charles
In : Essay, Narrative non-fiction 4 reviews
I take you into a moment in my life that may not seem like such a crippling event. But with a repetitive mind and a compulsive desire to forget, it is all the more demoralizing. (3,267 words)
Dave Hanson
In : Horror, Novel Excerpt 11 reviews
Time to kill some children. 1,200 words.
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 5 reviews
A young man obsessed with an author stalks him and tries to reenact scenes from his own book with him.
simon morris
In : Novel Excerpt, Psychological 7 reviews
The prelude introduced the plot line through a character, chapter 1 introduces the protagonist, his fiance and some back story I felt the reader should know
Philippe Besnier
In : Noir, Short Story 13 reviews
It's proven that those who read this short story become better at sex, and they get review points for it. 2000 words.
J.T. Barnett
In : Novel Excerpt, Transgressive 5 reviews
Three high school grads travel to South America for the summer in search of freedom. Through drugs and alcohol they may find the edge in their perceptions of the world.
In : Literary, Short Story 8 reviews
A film crew follows a woman's last hours. 1200 words.
In : Flash Fiction, Psychological 7 reviews
A Patrick Bateman inspired flash fiction scene that I wrote for the prompt challenge thread on the forum.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 4 reviews
New hire orientation takes a turn when a government agency's true purpose is revealed.


In : Magical Realism, Short Story 6 reviews
A woman waits as a man approaches. And, with each step, the image changes.
David Stein
In : Bizarro, Short Story 4 reviews
I wrote a scene for the origional Karate Kid movie that I thought could have explained a ton. This was totally for fun and is meant to be funny. If you like this movie you'll like this.
In : Realism, Short Story 9 reviews
A young man has just moved to Holland and is struggling to meet people. When he finally does, it's not quite how he expected it to be. 3287 words.
In : Horror, Short Story 2 reviews
Real estate mogul and self made millionaire Jeff Cox is a modern day Adonis. But when he finds himself at war against biology even his beloved motivational guru Daniel Lyons may not have the answers.
In : Short Story, Transgressive 10 reviews
Two heroin addicts try to get ransom money for a prostitute.
In : Literary, Short Story 4 reviews
Literary short-story, 5k, no further blurb.