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Anthony David J...
In : Literary, Short Story 10 reviews
A man reluctantly vacationing in the Caribbean.
In : Literary, Short Story 9 reviews
A short story about moving, love, and food.
Costa Tsimiklis
In : Absurdist, Short Story 8 reviews
A young man gets himself in trouble when he refuses to ignore his temptation for women. Now he must take measures into his own hands to dignify himself, even if he is completely naked while doing it.
Dave Reuss
In : Short Story, Transgressive 13 reviews
A young man goes out looking for a good time. 1200 words.
In : Biographical, Short Story 10 reviews
In my writer's class, we were assigned to write a shame story. Something real, something bare. I did that, and was inspired to write another one. This is my first submission! Thanks for your feedback!
Mike Hardin
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A brief run down of the problems that sex and women will bring throughout ones life
simon morris
In : Fantasy, Short Story 3 reviews
A man relates a story from his distant past. He tells of his confrontation with an urban legend
Dave Hanson
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
Chapter 6. Keltner tries not kill his recruiter. 2500 words.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Magical Realism, Short Story 11 reviews
A good old lynching story, with a twist.
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 13 reviews
My short story from the Zen Mind intensive. About 1,500 words.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Short Story, Surprise Me 10 reviews
Call me sentimental.
David Welsh
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 16 reviews
A boy receives a robot kit for his birthday, and he learns that there are consequences for cutting corners.
Nick Wilczynski
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 5 reviews
They say not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but if I remember correctly that was exactly what did in the Trojans. 4,283 word
In : Horror, Short Story 10 reviews
An unnamed man struggles to find safety in a nightmarish world. Roughly 1,700 words.
In : Realism, Short Story 10 reviews
I'm excited to be a member. This is my first submission! The first chapter of my novel for NaNo. A bit comical and a bit deep. Four friends packed in a minivan. About 1,350 words. '.doc'
In : Sci-fi, Short Story 9 reviews
In a future earth full of over-population and disease, one man makes one last desperate attempt to escape. 1,300 words.
In : Novel Excerpt, Surprise Me 10 reviews
Everyone knows that sex sells but a simple tease can be as lucrative without the psychological ramifications and physiological risk, right?
In : Literary, Short Story 7 reviews
Same as before -Derek comes to see that he can do right by his loved ones through defeating his addictions and using death as a means to live.
Alexander Clark
In : Literary, Short Story 5 reviews
A melancholy young man seeks the guidance of an unusual guru where the two spend a tiny pie-wedge of life together, fulfilling the guru's one final longing: to see the sun rise above the ocean.
In : Literary, Novel Excerpt 2 reviews
2nd chapter of a novel. Stan looks for forgiveness at a religious revival. Flashbacks at an army camp, on a raft in the MIssissippi, in San Francisco reveal how Stan developed guilt.
In : Literary, Short Story 10 reviews
Story Completed. No further reviews necessary. Thank you everyone.
In : Literary, Short Story 3 reviews
A story sparked by experience playing music and working for a small demolition company in Wheeling West Virginia during the 70s.
Bruno Hat
In : Literary, Short Story 24 reviews
A story about a terminally ill man who's given a list of things to do before he dies by his doctor. The story is approximately 1500 words.
In : Novel Excerpt, Suspense 10 reviews
The prologue to a novel that I am currently writing. It's about an FBI agent on the rebound and a serial killer returning from the past to cause terror and inflict more damage. (1660 words)
Dave Reuss
In : Speed Writing, Transgressive 14 reviews
Get ready for some southern-fried sexual dysfunction. ~2k words.