"Burroughs And Scotland — Dethroning the Ancients: The Commitment of Exile" by C

"Burroughs And Scotland — Dethroning the Ancients: The Commitment of Exile" by Chris Kelso

Review by Gabriel Hart
Kelso presents a fascinating exploration of Burroughs’s rarely mentioned but highly-formative era in Scotland.

"Reflecting Burroughs" by Chris Kelso

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
An exclusive excerpt of the non-fiction book "Burroughs and Scotland" by Chris Kelso.

In Defense of The Soft Machine’s Cut-Up Twisted Landscape

Column by David Cranmer
Challenged to defend the Beat Generation solely on "The Soft Machine", David Cranmer takes a look at the disorienting, kaleidoscopic briar patch that William S. Burroughs released in 1961.

10 Great Loose Film Adaptations

Column by Christopher Shultz February 20, 2015
The term "loose adaption" can make bookish people cringe. But there are plenty of amazing films that don't religiously stick to the source material. Here are ten.

Why Being Creative Is A Lot Less Difficult Than You Think

Column by Cath Murphy February 19, 2014
If you listen to the creativity experts you'd think you have to live a life of childlike, wild abandon to get a single word on the page. But creativity really isn't that complicated.

Better Off Dead: 10 Posthumous Novels That Should Have Never Been Published

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 23, 2013
You want to devour every scrap of paper your favorite author has ever written, but is it worth tarnishing their legacy?

The Blagger's Guide to Kathy Acker

Column by Cath Murphy June 13, 2013
Does the thought of reading 'Blood and Guts in High School' make you feel queasy? Find out about Kathy Acker with this comfortable porn-free Blagger's Guide.

The Blagger's Guide to Jack Kerouac

Column by Cath Murphy
Worried that reading "On the Road" will be as horrible an experience as seeing the recent film adaptation? The Blagger's Guide will give you the lowdown while keeping your eyeballs unsullied.

The Fine Line Between Experimental and Crap

Column by Cath Murphy March 5, 2013
Fetch the electrodes and the test tubes, Igor! It's time to perform some literary experiments....

Your Favorite Book Sucks: 'Naked Lunch'

Column by Dave Reuss September 24, 2012
Your revolution is over, Mr. Burroughs. The bums lost. The bums will always lose.