Soft Apocalypse: The Worlds Of Warren Ellis

Column by Keith Rawson February 20, 2017
Welcome to the weird, weird worlds of comic book writer and novelist, Warren Ellis.

6 Horrible Comic Book Presidents (and One Good One)

Column by Bart Bishop October 20, 2016
A look at the last 40 years of comic book political satire, with real presidents turned into supervillains and supervillains turned into presidents.
Warren Ellis To Pen Nasty, Brutal James Bond Comic

Warren Ellis To Pen Nasty, Brutal James Bond Comic

News by Peter Derk July 8, 2015
Warren Ellis will write a new, brutal, bastard of a Bond.
Booze And Comics Unite Under Bacardi Flag

Booze And Comics Unite Under Bacardi Flag

News by Peter Derk September 8, 2014
Comics dream team Warren Ellis and Mike Allred team up to create graphic novel depicting the life of rum maker Emilio Bacardi.

12 New Comics To Try In 2014

Column by Kelly Thompson January 17, 2014
12 Comics to look out for in 2014!

Is 2013 The Year of the Graphic Novel?

Column by Kelly Thompson
The first volume of Marvel's official graphic novel line debuts in October. Will this be a game changer for mainstream comics?

Down The Rabbit Hole: Following Comic Book Creators

Column by Kelly Thompson April 20, 2012
After being burned by comics far too many times, I've started to follow creators rather than characters, publishers, or properties, and it has brought me to some excellent books.

Comics 101: A Question of Canon

Column by BH Shepherd February 17, 2012
As comics continue to accrue cultural currency, their occurrence in canonical conversations can only increase. These graphic novels are typically regarded as unimpeachable pinnacles of the form.