Why I Put a Book On A Gameboy Cartridge

Column by Peter Derk July 28, 2022
I'll give you the "how" as well, but let's start with why anyone would do such a thing.

Alan Wake: A Look Back At Video Gaming's Best Writer Character

Column by Peter Derk June 2, 2021
Ghosts I ain't afraid of, ghosts I AM afraid of, evaluating the handsomeness of Stephen King, ludonarrative dissonance, and everything else Alan Wake.

Video Games as Literature: A Defense of the Medium

Column by Rob Blair Young May 13, 2021
Video games are often looked down on. However, writers and lit enthusiasts can crack open new worlds of stories by appreciating the medium and its unique offerings.

Five Things I Learned About Writing From Learning How To Make Games

Column by Luke Kondor March 24, 2021
Most surprisingly, through the process of learning how to make games, I also picked up a few new lenses through which to look at my writing and my creativity in general.

Keyboarding Games: Your Writing Still Sucks, But It Sucks Faster

Column by Peter Derk August 20, 2020
Can you type "yokel" fast enough to save your life?

Exploring the Film and Television References in Silent Hill

Column by Michael David Wilson
We deep dive into the film and television influences on the Silent Hill game series.

Exploring the Literary References of Silent Hill

Column by Michael David Wilson January 1, 2019
The Silent Hill video game series references way more literature than you probably noticed (or thought possible). We give you the lowdown. Welcome to Silent Hill.

Story Tech: Arthur Morgan's Journal in Red Dead Redemption 2

Column by BH Shepherd December 6, 2018
A look at a key part of Red Dead Redemption 2's celebrated narrative.

Exploring the Real Town Behind Silent Hill

Column by Michael David Wilson
In this article we explore the eerie parallels between Silent Hill and Centralia, Pennsylvania.

How Resident Evil 7 Can Make You a Better Horror Writer

Column by Max Booth III March 20, 2017
Prepare to wet your pants.

It Could Be Worse: Five Nightmare Dystopias

Column by BH Shepherd January 12, 2017
A look at some of the worst places to live from fiction, movies and games.
Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn Team Up To Write Dating Sim

Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn Team Up To Write Dating Sim

News by Peter Derk August 25, 2016
Unicorns and Bigfoot, Chuck Tingle and Zoe Quinn. New video game has all the ingredients of a hit!

Narrative Mechanics in Hearthstone: How a Card Game Can Tell a Story

Column by BH Shepherd April 28, 2016
An examination of how game mechanics can tell a story.

5 Books that Inspired Fallout

Column by George Cotronis December 9, 2015
Fallout 4 has been out for weeks. You're almost done with it. Now what? Read some books.

Ready Player One: 5 Books About Video Games

Column by George Cotronis November 30, 2015
Try something new: Consume video games in the form of novels.

Product Review: Her Story

Column by Christopher Shultz August 13, 2015
This smart and engrossing FMV further blurs the line between video game, film, and prose fiction.

Video Game Flops: What E.T., Simon's Quest, and Virtual Boy Can Teach Writers

Column by Peter Derk May 27, 2015
Writing lessons learned from video games that over-quested me, threw me in pits, and made me someone's bitch.

Elegy For A Dead World: The Poetry Game

Column by Peter Derk April 9, 2015
How video games got me to enjoy Byron. LORD Byron!
An Interview With Gabe Durham Of Boss Fight Books

Ready Writer One: An Interview With Gabe Durham Of Boss Fight Books

Interview by Peter Derk
Gabe Durham, series editor for Boss Fight Books, and writer of 'Fun Camp' and 'Bible Adventures' answers questions about video games, writing, editing, and Shakespeare's love of dick jokes.

Narrative Failure: The Most Common Error Message in Video Games

Column by BH Shepherd November 20, 2014
The next gaming generation is here, so why are video games still making the same old storytelling mistakes?
Gaming Provides A New Way To Not Get 'Ulysses'

Gaming Provides A New Way To Not Get 'Ulysses'

News by Peter Derk August 11, 2014
A crowdfunded campaign seeks to create a virtual reality 'Ulysses' game.

5 Video Games that Would Have Made Better Novels

Column by Daniel Hope September 19, 2013
It's time to face virtual reality. Here are five games that would have been more interesting and enjoyable as books.
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

90s Video Game Based On Harlan Ellison Story Gets Re-Released

News by Christopher Shultz September 16, 2013
Good Old Games has acquired the license for the classic PC adventure.
Wayward Manor

Who Haunts Neil? Gaiman Writes a Video Game

News by Nathan Scalia July 26, 2013
Author Neil Gaiman adds writing the video game "Wayward Manor" to his resume.