TripLit: Who Am I? Love Letter Edition

Column by Tiffany Turpin Johnson September 6, 2013
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Everybody falls in love sometime. Etc. Can you guess which fictitious character would have written these love notes? Win a copy of Megan Abbott's DARE ME.

TripLit: 8 Audiobooks to Pimp Your Trip

Column by Tiffany Turpin Johnson August 12, 2013
Road trips can get pretty boring, unless you stock up on some great audiobooks to smooth the ride. Check out our suggestions for the perfect audiobook to match your trip.

TripLit: Drinkin’ At The Drive-in

Column by Tiffany Turpin Johnson July 16, 2013
Bust out your Solo cups, it's time to hit up the drive-in. This summer there are lots of movies coming out that're based on books, so put your drinks on ice and play our book-based booze games.