CLIFFHANGERS: How 'Game of Thrones' Got It Right and 'The Walking Dead' Didn’t

Column by Cath Murphy May 23, 2016
'Game of Thrones' got its cliffhanger season ending right. 'The Walking Dead' got it wrong. Why?

Storyville: 10 of the Scariest Moments of 2015

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The books and films that scared me the most in 2015.

The Element of Surprise: An Anti-Spoiler Manifesto

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It's true that knowing spoilers won't hinder your enjoyment of a narrative. But it's also true that they will.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Strain' Less Stupid

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'The Strain' just wrapped its first season. And it was not great. Let's discuss!

'Game of Thrones' and the Power of Resolution

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Season finales don't have to be frustrating moments for viewers, and no other show pulls off a gratifying dénouement like 'Game of Thrones.' Let's discuss the whys and hows of it, shall we?

News Roundup: New York Comic Con 2013

News by Christopher Shultz
Get the condensed version of happenings at this year's NYCC.

Footnotes: The Walking Dead Is What We've Always Been

Column by Ryan Peverly October 10, 2013
If 'The Walking Dead' has taught us one thing, it's that we are what we've always been.
The Walking Dead, Volume 1

AMC Planning "Walking Dead" Spinoff Series

News by Christopher Shultz September 17, 2013
The new show will exist in the same universe as the comic book, but will have no ties to its storyline.

10 Awesome Comics To Give and Receive For The Holidays

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A list of the best comics to give and receive this holiday season. There's something for just about everyone on this list-- even YOU.

Recap: The Walking Dead 3.03 - Walk With Me

Column by Rob Hart October 29, 2012
Merle returns, Michonne glowers and the Governor is creepy. Another romping episode of 'The Walking Dead'. Join the conversation!

Recap: The Walking Dead 3.02 - Sick

Column by Rob Hart October 22, 2012
Another solid episode, a ton more gore, and plenty of departures from the comic means this is turning into a riveting show.

Recap: The Walking Dead 3.01 - Seed

Column by Rob Hart October 15, 2012
Watching the first episode of The Walking Dead's third season is like watching a completely different show. 'Seed' is the best episode since the show's first.

LURID: Scream If You Want To Go Faster - The Live Horror Experience

Column by Karina Wilson October 12, 2012
It's Scare Season! That means horror stories are crawling out of books and movies, and into mazes, haunted houses and hayrides near you. Lurid takes a look at the ultimate transmedia experience.

10 Things The Walking Dead Has To Do To Keep Me Watching

Column by Kelly Thompson October 12, 2012
What are the 10 things The Walking Dead needs to do this season to keep me watching? Let's find out!
'The Walking Dead' Recaps At LitReactor

Get Ready For Season 3 of 'The Walking Dead'... Complete With Episode Recaps At LitReactor!

News by Rob Hart October 8, 2012
Check out this trailer for the third season for 'The Walking Dead', which kicks off this Sunday... and get ready to join the discussion every Monday morning, for recaps.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Walking Dead' Less Stupid, Revisited

Column by Rob Hart March 19, 2012
Back in November, when the mid-season finale aired, I suggested 10 ways the writers of The Walking Dead could make the show less stupid. Did anything change between now and then? Kinda...

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Walking Dead' Less Stupid

Column by Rob Hart November 30, 2011
'The Walking Dead' just wrapped up the first half of its second season--and unless they address the problems with its writing, I'm not going to tune back in come February.