10 Years of LitReactor News: A Followup

Column by Peter Derk
We follow up on 10 years of LitReactor news stories. From "The Familiar" to topless readers to Chuck Tingle.

The Familiar Volume 1: Where the Hell is Danielewski Going With This?

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 13, 2015
And can he sustain people's interest for twenty-six more volumes?
Mark Z. Danielewski

The Fifty Year Sword: An Interview With Mark Z. Danielewski

Interview by Matthew Treon October 16, 2012
Mark Z. Danielewski discusses his latest book, 'The Fifty Year Sword,' the art of visual storytelling, and his future project, 'The Familiar.'
Mark Z. Danielewski The Familiar

Pantheon To Release Mark Z. Danielewski's "The Familiar" As 27 Volume Serial Novel

News by Brandon Tietz November 21, 2011
Mark Z. Danielewski gets ambitious with his next project: a 27-volume novel entitled, "The Familiar."