Google's new 10" tablet, the Nexus 10

Nexus 10 - Google’s New iPad Killer Unveiled

News by Dean Fetzer November 1, 2012
Apple announces the iPad Mini and a week later, Google announces the Nexus 10 - its direct competitor for the full-sized iPad - let the battle commence!
Margaret Atwood Naomi Alderman Zombie

Margaret Atwood, Naomi Alderman Collaborate on Serialized Zombie Tale

News by Dan Shewan October 25, 2012
Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman are working together to create 'The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home,' a collaborative story that is being serialized by Wattpad.
Poetry Collection to Feature QR Codes

Forthcoming Poetry Collection to Feature QR Codes

News by Dan Shewan October 22, 2012
New poetry collection will feature QR codes to enable readers to access audio recordings of poems read by the author.
Amazon, Kobo Announce New eReaders & Tablets

Amazon, Kobo Announce New eReaders And Tablets

News by Rob Hart September 7, 2012
Amazon has some new eReaders and tablets coming out--and their flashy announcement overshadowed similar news from Kobo.
Science Reveals Unseen Passages And Early Versions Of Classics

Science Reveals Unseen Passages And Early Versions Of Classics

News by Kimberly Turner August 8, 2012
A new technology lets us see past the scribbles and cross-outs to determine how prose is shaped and reshaped. Charles Dickens is the first to have his revisions revealed, but he won't be the last.
New Software Lets You Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books

Auto-Authoring: Software Helps You Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books

News by Dave Reuss July 27, 2012
We all read them as kids— now it's time to write your own.

Stories: Should They Be Unique, Good, or Can They Be Both?

Column by John Jarzemsky July 16, 2012
Modern audiences are demanding more novelty from their stories, but how unique can writers get before form starts to suffer?

Free Software Tells You Which Words You Really, Really, Really Overuse

News by Kimberly Turner June 22, 2012
SmartEdit, a free PC software, helps writers identify clichés and overused words, gives a running count of dialog tags and adverbs, and allows custom monitors for your personal problem words.
The World Of Tomorrow: Interactive Magazines

Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow: Interactive Magazines

News by Dave Reuss June 7, 2012
A company allows interactivity with magazines. The future of print or marketing crap?

Through A Touchscreen Darkly: What Technology Can Do For The Novel

Column by Jack Joslin
Technology is progressing faster and faster, creating new opportunities for literature. Will the novel adapt or die?

The Age of No Controversy

Column by John Jarzemsky February 22, 2012
No riots in the streets, no bonfire rallys, no blood in the gutter...are we living in an age of controversy-free literature?
Computers replace human writers

Forbes Among 30 Companies Ditching Human Writers For Computer-Generated Content

News by Rob Hart February 21, 2012
Forbes is among 30 companies using computer software to generate stories based on data sources--which means computers can replace human writers.
LitReactor Duo Consulting

LitReactor Gets Props, You Get Free Marketing Advice

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen
LitReactor gets an atta-boy from Duo Consulting, but this isn't just back-patting. These are content marketing strategies that anyone can use to get new readership on their publishing ventures.
NBC Universal launches publishing arm

NBC Throws Its Hat Into the Publishing Ring

News by John Jarzemsky
Media conglomerate NBC Universal announces the launch of their ePublishing branch, NBC Publishing.
Jerome Rubin Dies at 86

Man Who Predicted eBooks Dies at 86

News by John Jarzemsky
Futurist who developed search engines, predicted rise of tablets and eReaders, dead at 86.
Kids prefer eBooks over print books

Study Says Kids Prefer eBooks Over Print

News by Rob Hart January 11, 2012
A new study indicates that kids prefer eBooks over print books, and that the comprehension level is the same for both--although that's not the case when it comes to enhanced eBooks.
B&N Ditch The Nook

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble (Probably Not) Ditching the Nook

News by Brandon Tietz January 6, 2012
Barnes & Noble has announced a potential spin-off of the Nook along with some year-end financial shortcomings.

Get Your Kindle 'Signed' With Kindlegraph

News by Brandon Tietz December 30, 2011
It used to be the only way for an author to sign your Kindle was to flip the thing over and take a Sharpie to it. But Kindlegraph is bringing author signatures into the digital age.

Five Free-to-Air Apps and Services to Make Your Writing Life Easier

Column by Paul Graham Raven December 27, 2011
Ignore your empty bank account and expand your writer's techno-toolset with these five free apps, services and softwares.
Siri and Literature

What Does Siri Know About Literature?

News by Brandon Tietz December 20, 2011
Siri knows where to stash a dead body and how to get to the closest Trader Joe's, but does she know anything about literature?

Generation Active: What Can Video Games Tell Us About the Future of Narratives?

Column by John Jarzemsky December 13, 2011
Are video games beginning to make us think differently about narrative? A look at historical trends in different mediums and narrative styles, and what that might mean for the future.

The Kindle Fire and the Betamax Problem: Confessions of an Early Adopter

Column by Paul Graham Raven November 28, 2011
Why is the Kindle Fire like an electric toothbrush?

Does Borders Demise Signal the Death of Bookstores?

Column by John Jarzemsky November 23, 2011
A brief look at the demise of Borders, and the lessons that other brick and mortar retailers need to learn.