Does the Dark Knight Celebrate Christmas? Five Yuletide Batman Adventures

Column by Bart Bishop December 15, 2015
A look at the modern comic book Batman's experiences with Christmas and how he and Bruce Wayne respond differently to it.

Santa’s Naughty Past: A Look at the Long, Hard History of Robert Devereaux’s Santa Claus Chronicles

Column by Cameron Pierce
In 1986, Robert Devereaux wrote the first book in a trilogy of weird, erotic Christmas novels. Nearly thirty years and some censorship controversy later, the trilogy has finally come to a close.

Magical Thinking and Santa Claus: How Holidays Help Create Writers

Column by Leah Dearborn
Magical thinking, including an early belief in Santa Claus, may play a role in how imagination and creativity develop.

10 Reasons Why the Grinch Is Better than Santa Claus

Column by Daniel Hope
The Grinch deserves more attention as a fixture of the holiday season. He's better than Santa Claus in many ways.