Snitches, Gangsters, and Private Dicks: Why We Love and Hate Them

Column by Mary Kay McBrayer
Why do we root for the criminals and not the snitch? And whose side is the private investigator on?
Literary Author John Banville Writes Philip Marlowe Novel

Literary Author John Banville Writes Philip Marlowe Novel

News by Sean May March 7, 2014
The author best known for his dense literary tomes has written a new novel, 'The Black-Eyed Blonde,' starring Raymond Chandler's legendary PI, Philip Marlowe.

Book vs. Film: "The Long Goodbye" vs. "The Big Lebowski"

Column by Christopher Shultz
Though not a direct adaptation, the Chandler-esque film from the Coen brothers nonetheless captures the essence of the sixth Marlowe novel.
Search for ‘Greatest Crime Novel Ever Written’

Search for ‘Greatest Crime Novel Ever Written’

News by Dean Fetzer October 21, 2013
The Crime Writers’ Association has asked its 600-strong membership to choose the ‘finest published example of literary sleuthing’ in a new poll with a shortlist including Agatha Christie and Chandler.
Philip Marlowe

Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe To Be Resurrected In New Book

News by Rob Hart
Philip Marlowe, the detective made famous by crime writer Raymond Chandler, will be brought back for a new adventure by novelist John Banville.

Writing 'The Twenty-Year Death'

Column by Ariel S. Winter August 7, 2012
'The Twenty-Year Death' is told through 3 complete novels, each in the style of a different mystery master: Georges Simenon, Raymond Chandler, & Jim Thompson. Ariel S. Winter tells you how he did it.

Your Favorite Book Sucks: 'The Big Sleep'

Column by Ed Sikov August 2, 2012
'The Big Sleep,' by Raymond Chandler, is an overrated piece of shit. Here's why.
Chandler and Hitchcock: Not BFFs

OH SNAP: Raymond Chandler Pillories Alfred Hitchcock In Letter

News by Rob Hart January 10, 2012
It sounds like a match made in heaven--Raymond Chandler writing a movie for Alfred Hitchcock. Except Chandler couldn't stand Hitchcock, and he doesn't mince words about it in this letter.
Items from Raymond Chandler to hit auction block

Books And Papers From Raymond Chandler Hitting The Auction Block

News by Rob Hart
Books and papers from the library of Jean Vounder-Davis, Raymond Chandler's fiancée and secretary until his death in 1959, will hit the auction block next month.