10 Questions with Duane Swierczynski

10 Questions with Duane Swierczynski

Interview by Keith Rawson
Philadelphia’s reigning king of pulp talks up the writing life, killing critics over bad reviews, Charlie Hardie, and having drinks with Raoul Duke in LitReactor's latest 10 Questions interview.
10 Questions with Matthew McBride

10 Questions With Matthew McBride

Interview by Rob Hart December 4, 2012
Sometimes a title is so good, you just have to read the book. 'Frank Sinatra in a Blender' is like that. We posed 10 questions to the author, debut novelist Matthew McBride.
10 Questions, Chris F. Holm

10 Questions With Chris F. Holm

Interview by Rob Hart November 8, 2012
Chris F. Holm, whose Collector series "[recasts] the battle between heaven and hell as Golden Era crime pulp," gets grilled by LitReactor.

Return to the Masculine: The Reemergence of Men's Pulp Fiction in the Age of eBooks

Column by Keith Rawson October 11, 2012
"Men's pulp fiction" is making a big bloody,six guns blazing, nuclear fallout of a comeback in the age of eReaders and you should come along for the ride!