"Pride and Prejudice" Remains Timeless and Delightful, More than 200 Years Later

Column by Karis Rogerson January 28, 2020
The 207th anniversary of "Pride and Prejudice" is nigh, so writer Karis Rogerson takes a few moments to examine why this book remains so popular.

Elizabeth Bennet: The Original Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

Column by Leah Rhyne January 19, 2017
Let's dig into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope to see if, perhaps, Jane Austen created the original: Elizabeth Bennet of 'Pride and Prejudice'.
Real Mr. Darcy Discovered by Historian

Real Mr. Darcy Discovered by Historian

News by Raine Winters May 13, 2015
Could John Parker, the First Earl of Morley, have been Austen’s muse?

Why the F*ck Do People Love Jane Austen So Much? A Primer

Column by Taylor Houston May 20, 2013
I avoided reading Jane Austen for a long time, but now, I am an avid fan. Join me in learning why she is worthy of so much admiration.

Unsanctioned: Sequels To Classic Novels Written By Different Authors

Column by Meredith Borders August 27, 2012
I just can't get behind sequels to classic novels written by a different author. Still, it's fun to consider the possibilities.

Book Brawl: Sense And Sensibility vs. Pride And Prejudice

Column by Meredith Borders March 16, 2012
Every month I throw two books, somehow related, into the Book Brawl ring to fight it out for the title of literary champion. Today: Jane Austen's 2 best loved comedies of manners get impolite.