Phantom of the Hip-Hopera: An Improv Novel-Writing Experiment

Column by Peter Derk
Stuck on your WIP? Having a hard time making a book work? Here's a new writing method that might break that block and get your book finished.

Politics, Cash Grabs, and Hair: The End of the Trump Parody Book

Column by Peter Derk January 20, 2021
The well is dry, the dead horse has taken a posthumous beating, and as the era comes to a close, what will we take away?

Literary Parody Accounts

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop June 5, 2015
Literary parody accounts are on the rise on social media platforms. Are they good for more than just a chuckle?
‘Lord of the Rings’ Parody — From Sesame Street!

‘Lord of the Rings’ Parody — From Sesame Street!

News by Dean Fetzer
Just in time for the launch of the new Hobbit movie, the kids program releases a version of Tolkien’s story, involving the Cookie Monster and Mount Crumb, rated "DG" for "delayed gratification".
Huey Lewis & Weird Al 'American Psycho'

Huey Lewis and Weird Al Re-Enact A Scene From 'American Psycho'

News by Christopher Shultz April 4, 2013
This is one of the funniest things the internet has to offer right now.