March is the Perfect Month to Give up on Your Goals for the Year—But Hold on!

Column by Jay Wilburn March 29, 2022
March is the month most people finally give up on their New Year's resolutions. It might be the perfect month for a restart, though.

2022: Write A New Beginning for This Story

Column by Sadie Hartmann January 11, 2022
A new year is a blank slate. The story of 2022 has yet to be written. I asked readers and writers to tell me how they want to frame this fresh start.

Anti-Resolutions: Is It Possible to Set No Goals But Still Write Successfully?

Column by Jay Wilburn January 5, 2021
Do writer's have to set goals in order to be successful? With all the resolutions we break, are we better off without them? Can an author just write and still get somewhere?

15 Traps That Could Hurt Your Writing Goals

Column by Jay Wilburn February 24, 2020
It's that time of year when everyone, but especially writers, give up on their annual resolutions. Here are a few traps writers fall into that might inhibit your goals, if you aren't careful.

Blew Your Resolution? Get Back In The Saddle

Column by Peter Derk
Remember how you said you'd do better this year? Not working out, is it? Let's get up and running again.

The 'Narrow Your Horizons' Reading Challenge

Column by Peter Derk
Are you tired of people telling you what and how to read? Sick of so-called reading challenges that don't care about your feelings? Bad reading challenges are the sickness. We've got the cure.

New Year, New Queue: Taming that TBR

Column by Annie Neugebauer
Whether you use Goodreads, a notebook, a holds system, or just stacks of books, here are some organization tips to cut the clutter and find those books you really want to get to soon.

7 Tools for Keeping Your Writing Resolutions

Column by Riki Cleveland January 9, 2017
Keep your writing resolutions and have your most productive year yet with these handy tools.

10 Things Every Reader Should Do in 2017

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 6, 2017
Everyone loves giving advice to writers. Now it's time to give advice to those who make it possible for writers to do what they do.

My Resolution to Write Less

Column by Leah Rhyne
One writer's failed resolution to write less in the new year.

What I Learned from 1 Year of 1,000 Words a Day

Column by Annie Neugebauer December 23, 2016
What's to be gained from resolving to write 1,000 words a day for a year (besides a buttload of words)? One writer commits to finding out.

SMART Goals: 5 Steps To Setting Goals You Can Achieve

Column by Michael David Wilson January 15, 2016
Find out how to write goals you can actually achieve using the SMART approach.

10 Resolutions for the Writing Life

Column by Riki Cleveland January 7, 2016
A new year, a fresh start. Get 2016 off on the right foot with this list of ten resolutions for the writing life.

13 Resolutions for the Reading Life

Column by Riki Cleveland January 22, 2015
Thirteen resolutions to shape your 2015 reading experience, in hopes of making this year bigger and better than the last.

Looking Back: Your Personal Year-End Review

Column by Christopher Shultz
Sometimes we have to go back before we can move forward, and what better time to review than at the onset of a new year?

Crappy New Year: 5 Failed Writing Resolutions

Column by Peter Derk December 30, 2014
Lots of writers resolve to write when the ball drops. What happens to those resolutions over the next 365 days?

Realistic New Year's Resolutions for Writers

Column by John Jarzemsky January 3, 2014
New Year's Resolutions are a great way to get a writing habit started, or to revive a flagging one, but tempering them with heavy doses of reality, humility, and time to rest is key.

4 Tips for Making Your Writing Resolutions Stick

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard December 30, 2013
Sick of articles on New Year's Resolutions that exhort you to do the impossible? The impractical? And that use words like 'exhort'? Here's a new twist on the New Year...

10 Grammar & Usage-Related New Year’s Resolutions

Column by Taylor Houston December 31, 2012
So you swore off sugar in the new year, but did you resolve to stop using 'they' to refer to a single subject? You should. Here are 10 grammar and usage resolutions for 2013.

13 Resolutions To Make You A Better, More Productive Writer In 2013

Column by Kimberly Turner December 26, 2012
Year-long resolutions are for suckers. It takes less than a month to set yourself on the right track. Here's how to make January 2013 your best writing month ever.