A look at overlooked, underloved books.

Neglected Books: 'Hangover Square,' 'Foam of the Daze' and 'Pincher Martin'

Column by Jack Joslin
A look at three often overlooked, but outstanding novels: 'Hangover Square,' 'Foam of the Daze' & 'Pincher Martin.'

Neglected Books: Short Stories by Landolfi, Steiner, Wilson and Borges

Column by Phil Jourdan December 8, 2011
This month we look at four great short stories by very different authors — from the story of a man married to a balloon to the capture of Adolf Hitler, from turtle soup to an intellectual conspiracy.

Neglected Books: 'An American Tragedy' and '1982, Janine'

Column by Phil Jourdan November 17, 2011
November's Neglected Books column features two very different novels: a classic work of American naturalism, and a pornographic masterpiece of experimentation.

Neglected Books: 'On Moral Fiction', 'The Mismeasure of Man' and 'The Man Who Died'

Column by Phil Jourdan October 12, 2011
Moral fiction, IQ phoniness, and Jesus-themed erotica: Books you should rediscover soon.