Celebrating the Woman Who Would Become Maya Angelou, on her Birthday

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
The poet we know found her way through life with the help of many different art forms.

Poems to Read in an Existential Crisis and Other Unnecessarily Specific Recommendations

Column by Annie Neugebauer June 21, 2018
Even if poetry isn’t generally your reading of choice, there’s something pretty magical about finding the perfect poem to read at the perfect time. Here are 15 to get you started.
Maya Angelou Stamp Features Misquote

Oops! Maya Angelou Stamp Features Misquote

News by Raine Winters
Dear U.S. Postal Service: Please do some fact checking.

Boozing Like Famous Writers

Column by Peter Derk March 20, 2015
Writers are known for their boozing. What happens when an amateur writer tries out professional drinking?

Scandal! 6 Writers with Page-Turning Lives

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard November 14, 2014
Which (female) writer ran a brothel? Which playwright tried to stage a military coup and took losing VERY badly? And, decades before Facebook, why did everybody unfriend Truman Capote?
5 Small Tributes To Maya Angelou

5 Small Tributes To Maya Angelou

News by Peter Derk
Maya Angelou, Poet Laureate, passes away at age 86.