Be Cool: How Not To Be a Diva Debut Author

Column by Erin Reel June 20, 2014
The transition from unknown writer to debut author can be a socially awkward one. Inevitably, you're bound to make a few faux pas. Make enough of them and you bear the risk of being labeled a "Diva."

Selling Books in an Ocean of Sweat and Malort: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014

Column by Max Booth III May 12, 2014
Max attended Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 and (barely) lived to tell the tale.

Targeting Your Readers One Headshot at a Time

Column by Max Booth III April 29, 2014
We're not saying to threaten your readers with actual violence, but we're not NOT saying it, either.

Facebook Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Column by Brandon Tietz March 20, 2014
One author's experiment to obtain more Facebook "likes" using his own money.

Speak Up: On The Importance Of Reading Out Loud

Column by Ben Umstead December 16, 2013
Reading out loud will make you a better writer. But as we know with writing, practice is key. So where to start? Ben Umstead shares his take on how one can read out loud and sound good doing it.

Ask The Agent: Marketing to a Middle Grade Audience, Having Multiple Agents and More

Column by Bree Ogden March 18, 2013
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent I’ll explore and dissect a few of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder

The Internet Has Become The Bookstore Front Window

Column by Erik Wecks November 29, 2012
A successful marketing campaign used to mean a prized place in the front window of a bookstore. Now authors have to find new ways to get their books in front of prospective readers on the internet.

Book Readings: Bar vs. Bookstore

Column by Brandon Tietz June 15, 2012
Two readings: one book store, one bar. Which was better? Well, it depends on if you prefer alcohol or silence more.
LitReactor Duo Consulting

LitReactor Gets Props, You Get Free Marketing Advice

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen January 25, 2012
LitReactor gets an atta-boy from Duo Consulting, but this isn't just back-patting. These are content marketing strategies that anyone can use to get new readership on their publishing ventures.

The Art of the Live Reading

Column by Brandon Tietz December 21, 2011
Why is live reading important and how do you do it? LitReactor tackles the subject.
Selling stuff on Facebook will make people unfriend you

Lose Friends On Facebook By Selling Stuff, Says Nielsen

News by Rob Hart December 20, 2011
Nielsen says one of the top reasons people get unfriended on Facebook is for selling stuff-- not great news for authors trying to promote themselves.
Good news for Twitter users

Big News For Twitter Nerds: Embeddable Tweets And A New Marketing Opportunity

News by Rob Hart December 14, 2011
Two Twitter news items for the price of one: The social media network is finally providing embed codes for tweets, plus a cool new marketing opportunity.

How To Market Yourself Through Social Networks (for Books!)

Column by Rob Hart November 23, 2011
To successfully market your writing, you need to take advantage of the social networks geared toward books, like Goodread, weRead, Shelfari, and LibraryThing