Cost Of Faking A Holocaust Memoir: $22.5M

Cost Of Faking A Holocaust Memoir: $22.5M

News by Peter Derk May 14, 2014
Misha Defonseca, author of 'Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years', has been ordered to pay her publisher $22.5M after her story was proven fraudulent.
Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

Lawsuit by Indie Booksellers Against Amazon Dismissed

News by Dean Fetzer
Another day, another lawsuit ends in a result for the online retail giant and the big six publishers — down to the wording of the allegations.
Boyband IM5

Goodreads Sued by Photo Agency Over ‘Fan Photo’

News by Dean Fetzer July 17, 2013
A lawsuit has been file against the book-lover’s social network after fans used a copyrighted image on one of the many groups on the site.
HarperCollins sued by former death row prisoner

Former Death Row Prisoner Sues HarperCollins After They Drop His Book

News by Dean Fetzer
Wrongly convicted for murder, Nick Yarris was on death row for 21 years and had planned to tell his story in a book entitled ‘Seven Days to Live’.
Jay-Z Accused Of Plagiarism

Jay-Z Accused Of Plagiarizing Parts Of His Memoir

News by Kimberly Turner June 20, 2012
Jay-Z has been hit with a lawsuit alleging that he plagiarized parts of his 2010 memoir, ‘Decoded,’ from the stolen laptop of a writer named Patrick White.
Irony for dummies

"For Dummies" Publisher Dragging BitTorrent Users to Federal Court

News by Brandon Tietz November 2, 2011
John Wiley and Sons, publishers of the popular "For Dummies" series, have filed a lawsuit against 27 BitTorrent users.