The Bookish Hugeness Of Fall 2022

Column by Peter Derk June 23, 2022
Summer is garbage for books and for life, but fall will come and save us all.
 Katherine Dunn in 1969 (Bob Peterson)

In Remembrance of ‘Geek Love’ Author Katherine Dunn

News by Raine Winters May 16, 2016
Three major publications remember her life’s works.

LURID: Dread And Circuses

Column by Karina Wilson
Roll up! Roll up! The circus is always in town for writers and readers of lurid fiction. Send in the clowns - and the dude in the tight pants cracking the enormous whip...

What The Hell Ever Happened To... Katherine Dunn?

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky January 27, 2012
What's Katherine Dunn been doing since 'Geek Love' came out in 1989? Quite a bit, actually. And yes, she's still working on her followup.

Book Brawl: Geek Love vs. Water for Elephants

Column by Meredith Borders October 21, 2011
'Geek Love' and 'Water For Elephants' each detail the daily lives of circus workers in vastly different ways. What novel will win the coveted honor of literary victor?