7 Powerful & Painful Books That Will Make You A Better Person

Column by Stephanie Bonjack
Reading about difficult subjects is...difficult. Why do it? Because sometimes, they will literally change your life. For the better.

Gift Ideas: A Book For Every Family Member

Column by Christine J. Schmidt
The holidays are here, and we all know the best gift is a book.

LURID: Bad to the Bone? (Part 2: Adults)

Column by Karina Wilson December 14, 2011
Psychopaths - more common than you think, both IRL and in fiction. LURID looks at how religion and science have shaped the outlines of the ultimate villain, who's now become a hero to many.

LURID: Bad to the Bone? (Part 1: Juveniles)

Column by Karina Wilson December 7, 2011
Home for the holidays? Take a look at some literary psychopaths and learn to spot the real thing amongst members of your own family with Lurid's handy field guide. First up, the junior editions.