Skipp's Self-Isolating ABC’S of the COVID-19 (Stage One)

Column by John Skipp May 25, 2020
Enjoy these COVID stories from Skipp, all bundled together using the ABC model. May they inspire you to construct your own.
Tasting the Hurricane with John Skipp and Lindsay Lerman

Tasting the Hurricane with John Skipp and Lindsay Lerman

Interview by John Skipp September 24, 2019
John Skipp and Lindsay Lerman talk subversive art, intimacy, and letting yourself die while the world dies with you.

Dealing With Self-Doubt: Tips from 7 Popular Authors

Column by Michael David Wilson March 25, 2016
If you deal with self-doubt you're in good company. Here are tips from seven popular authors to help you deal with it.

Splatterpunks, Expanded Universes and 'Book of the Dead'

Column by Bart Bishop
An examination of the first true zombie literature, John Skipp and Craig Spector's anthology 'Book of the Dead', as an example of splatterpunk and an intellectual property's expanded universe.
John Skipp

A Couple Of Questions With LitReactor Instructor And 'The Art of Horrible People' Author John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart August 31, 2015
John Skipp on short stories, his new LitReactor class, and his latest collection: "The Art of Horrible People."
10 Questions, Class, Interview, John Skipp

10 Questions with Bizarro Legend and LitReactor Instructor John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart July 19, 2013
Meet horror/bizarro fiction legend and award-winning editor John Skipp. He's had a long and accomplished career in publishing. He's also a friggin' writing machine.